House Concerts update

November 17, 2010

My last blog, way too many months ago, concerned house concerts.  This time I’m going to do a follow up, as I was able to convince my beautiful daughter and super awesome son in law to go with me this time, and they were pleasantly surprised by what they found,.. er.. heard. 

We attended the same Firefly Concert Series, hosted by Jeniffer Kallen, but this time the artist was an amazing artist who goes by the simple name Ellis.  Folk-pop, with handcrafted heartfelt songs, and with vocals, guitar playing and stage prescence that really does surpass the cliche “she lit up the room”.  Amazing.  She played a number of cuts from her new album “Right on Time” as well as some from her previous albums.  She’s one of those artists, and I know there are others, that are so good and right on the cusp of stardome, that makes you wonder “Why doesn’t everybody know about her?” If I have anything to do with it, everybody will some day, but I can tell from her songs and from talking to her between sets, that she’ll be OK either way. While there I purchased the album “Break the Spell” and pre-ordered “Right on Time” (which came personally autographed to me late this summer) My daughter bought “Evidence of Joy”. All are great, although, for me, “Break the Spell” is an instant classic (and award winner). Go here to learn more about Ellis.

A few weeks later, we were back, this time to see Storyhill, an incredibly talented singer/sonwriter duo from Montana. Again, song lyrics and musicianship and harmonies to die for. They played songs from their new album, “Shade of the Trees”, plus others from their own treasure trove of albums. I purchased the album entitled “Storyhill” (another instant classic, IMHO), as well as the newest one. Go here for Storyhill.

All of these artists were not just born yesterday – they are hardworking, ‘where the rubber meets the road’ folks, who have been touring and working and recording for over a decade, with a bag of beautifully well crafted tunes that describe and reflect on their lives and those around them. Can’t recommend them enough.

Well, so I’ve moved and I’m making big changes to my hi-fi. Much more about my latest adventure next time. Till then, thanks for listening.

3 Responses to “House Concerts update”

  1. dif Says:

    The Ellis concert was REALLY cool. Being so close (3rd row) to the performer was very engaging and it’s not something I’ll forget. Sitting at the very back for Storyhill was great too, just being able to sit back, close my eyes and enjoy the music in such an intimate setting. Either way, house concerts are definitely the way to go (being as I’m not a big fan of regular concerts anyway). 🙂

  2. dif Says:

    I loved Ellis!!!

  3. katie Says:

    That was me (Katie) that said she loved Ellis, I was just logged in as Peter

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